What Traditions Surround a 20th Wedding Anniversary?

traditions-surround-20th-wedding-anniversary Credit: Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

Many traditions surround 20th wedding anniversaries, including several for gifts. The customary offering is china, which symbolizes lasting and magnificent love. This includes vases, dinner sets, tea sets, photo frames or personalized plates. As of 2014, contemporary presents are made from platinum since it is strong and enduring.

Platinum gifts are typically pieces of jewelry, such as rings, broaches or tie clips. Metal roses and collectible coins are also available in platinum.

Customary 20th anniversary gemstones are emeralds or yellow or golden diamonds. Gifts of jewelry often feature these stones. A traditional and modern mix incorporates one of these gems set in platinum.

The time-honored flower that represents a 20th anniversary is the day lily. It indicates that fun and flirting are still going strong within the union. These flowers come in a variety of colors. A bouquet of 20 lilies is a long-established gift idea. Certain roses have become traditional for 20th anniversary celebrations. Pink China Doll and Weeping China Doll roses signify admiration, joy and gratitude. Intense red Precious Platinum roses convey deep love.

An elaborate and expensive traditional present is a trip to China, because of the connection to the fine tableware. In lieu of this, any "China-themed" gift is appropriate, such as China figurines or China baskets. In addition, 20th anniversary parties often feature Chinese decorations and food.