What Are Some Traditional Jewish Gifts for Hanukkah?


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Traditional gifts for Hanukkah include a dreidel or small bag of gold-wrapped chocolates for a child or a menorah for an adult. A dreidel is a small toy similar to a top with Hebrew letters on each side of it. It is akin to a stocking stuffer for children who celebrate Christmas. Other traditional gifts for an adult include fine cooking oil or a cookbook with Jewish recipes.

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Some other gifts that are good to give to people for Hanukkah include electronics, clothing, books, toys and jewelry. Other gift ideas include cash and alcoholic beverages. Gift certificates for nearby stores or special events, such as local cooking classes, are another good gift option. Donating to charity is a gift option for the person who seems to have everything, but the gift giver still wants to do something special for him.

If the gift giver wants to give a Jewish friend a food item, it is best to avoid traditional gift baskets since they often include sausage or other pork products. Creating a custom basket with the recipient's favorite treats or giving a gift certificate to a nearby cafe are preferable. For gifts of holiday clothing, blue and white, the colors of Hanukkah, are appropriate.

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