What Are Some Touching Eulogies for a Father's Death?

What Are Some Touching Eulogies for a Father's Death?

Coming up with a father’s eulogy requires prior preparation and gathering of information. The eulogy should have a personalized and heartfelt message, and the right tone and mood incorporated during the delivery.

Collect information about the deceased. This involves talking to family, friends and co-workers. Use the pattern that emerges or the details that arise repeatedly to come up with the main theme of the eulogy. Old photos can also help in remembering qualities of the deceased.

Organize the information gathered, either sequentially or categorically. Sequential organization involves starting from his childhood and his youth, the start of his career, meeting his spouse and becoming a family man. Categorical organization involves discussing his various roles as a son, a brother, a husband, a father and so on.

Have one or two things to focus on, such as honesty or loyalty. Tell of an event or a moment in his life when the qualities came into play. Integrate some comic relief when narrating the story, and finish by stating the lessons picked from that occurrence.

Select the right tone and mood to go with the eulogy. Base this on the circumstances surrounding his death, his personality and life accomplishments.

Express gratitude for the opportunity to eulogize him, and then conclude by saying a quote or a statement about the deceased’s life.