What Are the Top Games to Play at a Sweet Sixteen Party?

Games such as musical chairs, karaoke, lie detector and balloon truth or dare can be played at sweet 16 parties. Dance-offs or scavenger hunts are also good ideas.

The 16th birthday is a big milestone for many teenagers. Hosts should keep the guests entertained at the party with a few different games.

A scavenger hunt is sure to keep the guests busy for a while. Start with a clue to lead them to the next clue, continuing until they find the prize. A list of random items can also be given to each person. The first person to find all the items wins the game.

Keep the guests guessing with the lie detector game. Have each person write three facts on a slip of paper. Two of the facts should be true and one should be false. The fake fact can be as crazy as the person wants. Have them take turns guessing which of the facts is not true.

For balloon truth or dare, place a slip of paper with truth or dare questions in each balloon and blow it up. Each party goer takes a turn choosing and popping a balloon. They must complete the question or task written on the piece of paper.