What Are Some Toddler Birthday Party Ideas?


Toddler birthday party ideas include a themed party featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse or characters from Sesame Street. Activity ideas for the party include cake and cookie decorating and art stations.

For themed birthday parties, decorating the party site with items that feature the toddler's favorite characters and presenting the guest of honor with a character-themed cake is ideal. For instance, a children's tea party with cups and saucers that feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse, along with balloons and games that feature the Disney characters, gives the party a fun but uniform feel.

For cake or cookie decorating, each of the children is given a frosted cake or cookie to be decorated with sprinkles and other small candies. Pictures of the children decorating the desserts make great party favors for the parents.

Food ideas for a toddler birthday party include small pieces of fruit in a colorful cup served with yogurt dip, animal crackers, and ice cream in cones or cups. Mini coloring books and small boxes of crayons make great party favors for the guests a toddler celebration. The coloring books should reflect the theme of the party, such as a book of coloring pages that feature lions, clowns and elephants if the party has a circus theme.