What Are Some Tips for Writing Thank You Cards After a Memorial Service?


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Write thank you cards within 30 days after a memorial service to show appreciation for condolences from family and friends. Purchase blank note cards that have an engraved or embossed "thank you" message across the front panel and space for handwritten messages inside, and personally address each recipient by name.

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Include phrases such as, "Thank you for your sympathy and kindness" or, "We appreciate your support during this difficult time" inside the thank you cards. Reference any donations made to a charity in the name of the deceased, plants or flowers provided for the service, or kind gestures such as meals that were provided by the recipient.

Thank you notes sent after a memorial service can also include pleasantries about the recipient's relationship with the deceased family member or recall memories from the past. Use phrases such as, "My husband was so fond of you and spoke of you often" or, "He would have appreciated the kindness you have shown our family" when writing thank you notes. A large family should sign the thank you cards with a group name, such as "the Smith family," to indicate that the entire family appreciates the support and kindness shown during or after the memorial service.

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