What Are Some Tips for Writing a Maid of Honor Speech?


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When writing a maid of honor speech, write an opener that introduces who you are and describes your relationship to the bride. Create an outline of content you hope to add to the speech, and give it a structure that has a beginning, middle and end. Eliminate any portions of the outline that disrupt the logical flow of ideas. Use the outline as a guide when writing the full speech.

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Use your natural humor in the speech by telling a funny story or interesting anecdote about the couple. Make it appropriate, as there are many family members in attendance. Avoid embarrassing or insulting the couple by keeping all humor positive. Consider using a visual aid, such as a slide show of photographs or a handmade story book about how the couple met.

Find one theme or idea on which to focus the speech. Use an inspirational quote or lyrics to open the speech to help you get the flow started. Speak only about the couple or the bride and groom as individuals, leaving former partners or love interests out of the speech. Avoid talking about yourself too much. Conclude the speech with a toast, such as, "Here's to many decades of happiness and laughter."

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