What Are Some Tips for Writing Greeting Card Messages?


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Tips for writing greeting card messages include deciding on a tone for the message beforehand, making a unique message and complimenting the recipient. Appropriate message ideas vary based on the occasion.

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What Are Some Tips for Writing Greeting Card Messages?
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The sender should choose a tone that fits his personality and relationship to the recipient, such as funny or sentimental. This gives the card a personal touch. Choosing the tone beforehand helps the sender keep it consistent throughout the card.

A unique message makes the card stand out from others, particularly on occasions when the recipient receives many cards. For example, on a birthday, messages such as "Happy Birthday" are common. To write a unique message, the sender should include a specific detail about the recipient, like mentioning a gift the recipient wants or an aspect of the recipient's personality.

Compliments make people feel appreciated. Options include the sender complimenting a specific detail about recipient, or using a general compliment, such as "I'm lucky to have you in my life."

Occasions for greeting cards include birthdays and holidays. For birthdays, the sender should avoid mentioning the recipient's age if the recipient is sensitive about it.

The sender should write a first draft of his message on plain paper. Once he likes his message, he transfers it onto his card.

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