What Are Some Tips for Writing a Blessing to Recite Before a Wedding Meal?

What Are Some Tips for Writing a Blessing to Recite Before a Wedding Meal?

When writing a blessing to recite before a wedding meal, the prayer should include a thanks to the higher power for the meal, a thanks and blessing for everyone attending the reception and a request that the higher power bless the new couple in their marriage. It is a good idea to share the blessing with the bride and groom before the dinner so they can approve of it before it is said.

For additional help in writing the blessing, it is possible to consult with a religious leader. It is also possible to use prayers that have already been written for a blessing. When writing the prayer, it should come from the faith of the speaker, but not assume that everyone present does or should hold the same beliefs.

It is a good idea to practice the blessing before delivering it. If the blessing is memorized, it will flow more freely, but it also works to have a written copy at hand.

The blessing should not be long, and can be as simple as the Catholic prayer which asks God to bless the prayer speakers and the gifts they are about to receive from God's bounty. It can also take the form of a prayer like that of the traditional Irish blessing, which shares sentiments such as "may the road rise to meet you" and " may the wind be always at your back," resolving with "my God hold you in the palm of his hand."

Some people choose to sing a blessing at the wedding. A popular song to use in this context is "The Prayer."