What Are Some Tips for Writing a 50th Anniversary Verse?


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Some tips for writing a 50th anniversary verse include choosing a type of verse or poem, such as haiku or sonnet, and selecting funny or sincere language. Before starting the verse, one tip is to take note of anything that stands out about the couple's relationship, such as how they met, obstacles they overcame, pet names for each other or funny moments they had. This helps establish a theme or story line for the verse.

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Another tip is to set the scene, using imagery, adjectives and descriptions of the setting of an event mentioned in the verse. Setting the scene for a memory is done by describing physical characteristics such as the color of the car or whether leaves fell around the couple as the walked home. Another way to set a scene is to describe the sensory feelings, such as the smell of coffee, the sound of the fire crackling the night the couple was engaged or the taste of the wedding cake.

One tip is to use words that elicit an emotional response when writing about the course of the couple's relationship, such as "love," "adoration," "devotion" or "intimacy." Another tip is to use literary or poetic devices, such as alliteration, assonance, meter, end or internal rhymes. Once the first draft is finished, the verse is read aloud and edited as needed until the writer is happy with the final result.

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