What Are Some Tips for Wording Creative Wedding Invitations?


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Some tips for wording creative wedding invitations are to use a turn of phrase or an exaggeration to catch the receiver's attention. Some other tips include using an understatement, comedic sarcasm or irony, as well as an atypical wedding photo of the couple.

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One way to use a turn of phrase is to say something serious, such as "RSVP by April 10, 2016," and then say something funny, such as "Unexpected guests are welcome but will be sitting at the kiddie table and eating mint leaves from the bar." This type of wording can cause laughter and get the reader's attention. Use an exaggeration in the invitation, such as, "The inordinately handsome Mike Martin requests your presence as he marries the incomparably beautiful Melissa Smith." Exaggerations can be either funny or endearing, depending on the tone you desire for the invitation.

Keep all sarcasm, understatement and irony light-hearted, as both are easy to misunderstand. Ask someone to read drafts of invitations that use these devices to ensure that the invitation does not read as insulting. Use these devices for funny invitations, or for specific wedding themes. Create a full effect by using formal paper stock and an elegant font type. For artistic invitations, use an interesting photo or image with concise or direct wording.

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