What Are Some Tips and Tricks for Making a Haunted House?


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Tips and tricks for making a haunted house include using indoor props, such as dry ice buckets for fog or a television set in a corner playing a strange video sequence. Use pre-recorded sound effects, or experimental music with random noises and dissonant music. Create an eerie atmosphere with various types of lighting, such as black light or red light bulbs.

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Outside of the haunted house, set up tombstones with creepy names or guest's names made from cardboard or foam. Line outdoor walkways with electric candles that lead to the entrance. Decorate the facade of the haunted house with stuffed ravens, ghosts, pumpkins with eerie faces or bloody limb props. Ask a friend or assistant to hide or stand out of sight near the entrance and scream randomly or make ghostly sounds.

Hire a cast of random scary characters to leap out at guests as they walk through the haunted house. Some cast members are responsible for making noises, such as sinister laughter or creaking sounds, either through a sound system or while hiding in an unseen area. Hang black fabric or plastic on walls and windows to create a dark space. Spread painters tarp on the walkways for an unexpected texture underfoot and to provide protection from any props inside. Hang props from the ceiling that are hard to see so that guests are startled by any that they run into as they walk through the house.

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