What Are Tips for Throwing a 10-Year-Old Birthday Party?

What Are Tips for Throwing a 10-Year-Old Birthday Party?

Tips for throwing a great birthday party for a 10-year-old child include keeping the party short, including a welcoming project to give the kids something to do when they first arrive, and choose age-appropriate activities. If possible, allow the party to take place outside so the kids can run and play and there will be less of a mess to clean up after the party, suggests Today.

Kids get bored easily and if a birthday party goes on too long, they will get restless. Keep the party short and include a few different activities to keep them busy.

A welcoming project gives the kids something to do the minute they arrive at the party. This can be useful in keeping them busy as well as in helping them get over any shyness they may feel when walking into a room with new people, suggests Today.

When choosing activities or games for a party, choose some that appeal to 10-year-old children. Let the birthday boy or girl choose activities that will have an appeal for his or her friends.

Weather permitting, move the party outside. An outdoor party gives the kids plenty of room to run around and get loud without driving parents crazy. It also makes cleaning up a lot easier after the kids go home.