What Are Some Tips for Setting up a Christmas Village?

Tips for setting up a Christmas village include covering the entire village surface with a white cloth and placing buildings with sufficient space in between for easy viewing. Choose a central location in the home with available power for the village, and use glitter and cotton to create the appearance of snow.

Underneath the white cloth, place boxes of uneven sizes. This allows houses and other buildings on the landscape to appear at different heights. Alternatively, create the illusion that the village rises in one part of the town by using boxes to add height. On top of the white cloth, randomly place a string of white Christmas lights, and then cover the lights with cotton batting in order to create the illusion of fresh, sparkling snow on the ground. The cotton batting also works as a cover for any necessary electrical cords.

With buildings placed a sufficient distance apart, use aquarium rocks to create a pathway to the door of each home. A miniature Christmas tree in the center of town creates an attractive village square. Spray-on snow gives the illusion of snow on the Christmas tree or other buildings throughout the village.

Light, white glitter gives a fine, sparkling snow appearance over the entire village. If the village appears to be small, setting up a mirror behind it creates the illusion of size. Ample accessories in the village, such as parked cars, a snowman and park vendors, make the village detailed and multidimensional.

It is important to place the village near available outlets in the home for easy access to power. A central location in the home attracts family members and visitors to the village. Additional decorations above the village, such as snowflakes, add additional depth to a Christmas village design.