What Are Some Tips for Renting a Rustic Barn As a Wedding Venue?


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Some tips for renting a rustic barn as a wedding venue include visiting the barn at various times of day to get a feel for the brightness and warmth of the building, understanding the noise ordinance rulings for the area and finding out what facilities are available. It may be necessary to rent generators and upscale portable washrooms if the barn is not equipped with adequate electricity and plumbing for a sizable wedding party.

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Don't expect a barn to be an inexpensive wedding venue. The appealing blend of rustic simplicity, rural serenity and formal elegance can be costly because, unlike banquet rooms, barns are often empty, and you may need to rent tables, chairs, linens, dishes and music separately.

Barns don't have as much floor space as reception halls, and it's important to choose a barn with enough space to make your guests comfortable. In general, huge weddings are better suited to larger venues.

Find out about restrictions and rules of conduct in the barn and on the farm. Some venues impose a ban on any type of fire and do not permit sparklers and fireworks to wrap up receptions. Other restrictions, such as where you can hang decorations, the types and placement of lights and areas that are off limits, may conflict with your wedding plans.

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