What Are Some Tips for Planning a Commitment Ceremony?


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Some tips for planning a commitment ceremony include choosing an appropriate venue for the ceremony and reception based on the number of guests invited and selecting a ceremony format that suits the couple. Because a commitment ceremony is not a legally binding event, any officiant the couple desires is allowed to perform the ceremony. However, an experienced officiant makes the event flow properly.

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During the ceremony, have the officiant start with a welcome for all the guests that includes a brief explanation about the purpose of the event. Decide if you want traditional marriage vows or personal vows. If you choose personal vows, decide if you want to read them to each other or if you want the officiant to read them so each person has the opportunity to say, "I do." Follow vows with a ring exchange, if desired, and then have the officiant invite the couple to kiss as a symbol of the completed union.

Incorporate music, hymns, scripture readings or symbolic text into the ceremony, as desired. Depending on your budget or plans, follow the ceremony with a reception where guests celebrate your union with you. Even though the commitment ceremony is not a legal marriage, it is up to you whether the ceremony and the reception contain tradition wedding elements, such as a ring exchange, a first dance, a cake-cutting ceremony or a bouquet toss. Otherwise, shape the event to celebrate the union the way you want to celebrate it.

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