What Are Some Tips for Making a Silk Rose Boutonniere?


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Some tips for making a silk rose boutonniere include colors that complement both the wearer and themed colors, using greenery and embellishments to accent the design, and learning to use florist’s tape and wire to assemble the boutonniere. To create a real success, take time to get to know the person who’s wearing the boutonniere so that the design and wearer go together.

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The style and color of a silk rose boutonniere need to blend to create an effect that’s attractive, pleasing for the wearer and appropriate to the event. Start by finding out what colors attract and complement the wearer. Also, to match or blend with color schemes, consider buying white silks roses and having them dyed to match. If working with a monochromatic color palette, consider spraying the boutonniere in one color.

Also consider bloom shape, size and number. A boutonniere for a broad shouldered man may call for larger open blooms, while a spray of rosebuds may be a better choice for a man with a slighter build. When adding embellishments, such as pearls, stick pins and greenery, aim for a tasteful design that keeps the wearer in mind and goes with the jacket he’ll wear.

Measure the space on the jacket where the boutonniere will be worn. Take advantage of buttonholes to prevent snags and tears. Arrange the elements of the boutonniere before snipping the wire stems, using florist’s wire to secure the arrangement. Be sure to sand off any sharp wire ends, and wrap them in florist’s tape.

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