What Are Some Tips for Making a Scary Haunted House?


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Some tips for making a scary haunted house include using black paint or black plastic or canvas to cover walls and windows, setting up temporary walls to create a kind of labyrinth that guides attendees from the beginning of the house to the end and wiring a sound system throughout the space that pipes in music and sound effects. Some other ideas include hiring a cast to hide throughout the house to scare incoming guests and hanging fake cobwebs.

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Create a fogged atmosphere by setting up dry ice buckets in strategic places. Set up an old television and play a loop of videos with creepy imagery, such as clips of horror movies, static screens and someone in costume staring blankly at the camera. Hang dummies or sawed-off arm and leg props from the ceiling so that guests run into them in the dark. Use black light in some areas of the haunted house, or set up red bulbs for an eerie glow. Use flickering electric candles to cast bouncing shadows of props around certain rooms.

Set up mood music, such as a pre-recorded piano or dissonant music. Incorporate whispers, shrieks, scratching noises and door or wall pounding noises. If possible, have cast members randomly laugh maniacally or scream.

Create a plan for the haunted house that allows the guests to move through each section. Create clear exit signs, and mark the flow of traffic using duct tape or fluorescent spray paint shaped arrows. Clearly mark corners and low-hanging ceilings for safety.

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