What Are Some Tips for Making Your Own Banner?


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Tips for making your own banner include using a clear design with colors that are easy to read and placing the most important information in the center of a banner. It is also helpful to include only one call to action on the banner and to make sure that text does not overwhelm the design.

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In many circumstances, the target audience for a banner only has a few seconds to read it. This is especially true for outdoor banners that people see as they drive past. For this reason, make sure that the banner is easy to read. For clarity, the text portions of a banner should be kept to a minimum, and the banner should contain no more than one call to action.

Black on yellow, black on white and yellow on black are examples of color combinations that are easy to read quickly on outdoor banners. For indoor banners, lighter colors and more subtle color contrasts prevent the banner from appearing too powerful. Altering the color of important information, such as a phone number, is a helpful way to make that information stand out from the rest of the sign.

Because a banner naturally draws a person's eyes to its center, placing the most important text in the center of a banner is a helpful way to draw the audience's attention to it. Small graphics or photographs of products should come with a small number of words that describe the graphic in a positive way. A designer should carefully consider using graphics rather than photographs on the banner because photographs may not explain a product in a clear manner.

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