What Are Some Tips for Making a Good Wedding Toast?


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Some tips for making a good wedding toast are not drinking too much alcohol before the toast, brainstorming beforehand and keeping the toast between five and 10 minutes. Other tips are to tell comical stories and to keep it personal. Additionally, remember to thank those who made the day possible.

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Drinking a small amount of alcohol before the wedding speech may help if the speaker is nervous, but drunkenness is inappropriate. When brainstorming, consider your personal relationship to the bride and groom or how they met. Consider sharing funny anecdotes, or describe how they have changed since meeting each other. Additionally, consider sharing a wise piece of marriage advice.

Start with an introduction and your relationship to the bride and groom. A joke or anecdote is a good attention-grabber and puts people at ease. If the bride or groom's parents are hosting the wedding, thank them. If the couple is hosting the wedding, an appropriate phrase is, "Thank you all for joining us on this joyous occasion."

Be sincere and heartfelt. Avoid stories that may humiliate either party, and remember that there is a difference between humor and embarrassment. Keep the speech PG-rated, and close the toast with a wish or blessing for the couple.

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