What Are Some Tips for Making a Ghoul Face?


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For ghoul makeup, cover face and neck with liquid latex and a gray or pale green greasepaint base; use black makeup to create hollows under the eyes and to deepen facial lines. Add artificial blemishes, bloodstains and grime to the face and neck.

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Shade around eyes, cheekbones and throat with grease pencil to create a skeletal look, and apply liquid latex over the face. Build an extra layer of latex in areas where you desire unevenness or bulging. Sprinkle breadcrumbs onto the latex for texture, and allow to dry. Cover latex and breadcrumbs with greasepaint, and gently pinch the latex to create blisters. Enhance breadcrumb texture by creating open wounds with blood-red acrylic paint. Attach small plastic insects or worms to face and neck with spirit gum. Smudge the finished ghoul face with garden dirt.

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