What Are Some Tips for Making Custom Thanksgiving Images?


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To create custom Thanksgiving images, visit the Card Store by American Greetings, which offers a range of customizable Thanksgiving cards. This tool also allows you to add custom images and messages to the inside flap or back of many of the cards. A tip for a custom image is to take a Thanksgiving photo. To ensure Thanksgiving photos turn out well, explore different poses, and use the camera's delay timer.

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To create custom Thanksgiving images for a card, simply use the personalized Thanksgiving cards tool on the American Greetings Card Store website. To make a custom photographic image to hang in a picture frame, add to a greeting card, share with family and friends, and learn some photographic techniques for dinners and large groups. A tip for taking Thanksgiving photographic images is to have grandparents and elder family members sit in a comfortable place, then arrange the other family members by height. Include Thanksgiving food items in a family photograph to create a unique custom photographic image.

To create a Thanksgiving image for the table settings, try ideas such as adding custom artwork on the placeholders. Some custom placeholder ideas include adding gold shine paint to miniature pumpkins or painting clothespins. Touches such as floral napkins with ribbons, sparkling napkins, blue and orange dinner wear and natural textiles add to the photographic appeal of a table setting.

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