What Are Some Tips for Judging a Halloween Costume Party?

Good tips for judging a Halloween costume contest include creating contest divisions and choosing particular award categories, such as the scariest or most unique costume. Use a set list of criteria when awarding points to each contestant. If there are several judges, add the scores they give to each contestant to determine the winner.

Divide contestants based on ages, such as separating children from adults, if the Halloween costume contest involves participants of varying ages. Additionally, create divisions for couples or groups whose costumes complement each other.

A sample list of criteria for judging a Halloween costume contest includes costume appearance, makeup and hair, accessories, creativity and relevance to the theme. Set a scoring range for each criterion; for example, let judges give a score from 1 to 10 for a contestant's costume appearance and makeup.

Another judging idea is to let the audience choose by cheering and clapping their hands. Community events and bar parties usually use this method to choose winners. If there are many contestants, bring eight to 12 participants to the stage at once, and select the top two for the next round until the top 10 contestants are selected. Judges may also want to pick a random winner by writing the names of all contestants on pieces of paper and drawing a name from a hat or box.