What Are Some Tips to Follow When Bustling a Wedding Dress?


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One tip to keep in mind when bustling a wedding dress is that there are many different options for bustling. The dress ought to look as natural bustled as it does at full length. To achieve this natural look, experimentation is key.

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There are three main methods to bustle a dress. The first method is the traditional bustle, which folds the train under the skirt, creating a bubble hem. One tip for this method is to avoid using it on dresses with a lot of tulle. Tulle makes it more difficult for the dress to fall naturally.

The second method of bustling is the French bustle. This method involves using multiple ties to attach lower portions of the skirt to portions that are higher up. One tip for the French bustle is to use different colored ribbons to color code which ties go together.

The third method of bustling is the over bustle, which is considered the simplest form of bustling. This involves attaching the mid point of the train to a point on the upper part of the skirt. Any ribbons and eye hooks used for attaching pieces of the train the skirt ought to be hidden or look like they are meant to be there.

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