What Are Some Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift?

One key tip for finding the perfect gift for someone is to brainstorm a list of his interests, taking time to create as extensive a list as possible before listing possible gifts to suit each interest. This is a good method for coming up with gift ideas that would not have otherwise been considered, as well as thinking up combinations of gifts that perfectly suit the recipient. Another tip is to tailor gifts to recent events in the recipient's life, such as graduation from college or bereavement, notes The Huffington Post.

An example of a meaningful gift tailored to the recipient's interests is a ticket to his favorite show or sports game. A dinner at his favorite restaurant or bottle of a favorite wine can also make perfect gifts.

Covertly following a person's social networking posts or shopping wish lists can be a useful way of finding the perfect gift. However, if this is not possible, a good gesture for increasing the sentimental value of gifts is to personally create something, such as a painting, knitted scarf or poem, suggests The Huffington Post.

Sometimes the perfect gift is not necessarily related to the interests of the recipient but to his needs. Thinking broadly about how the recipient spends his time can help determine what he might need to streamline his everyday activities, for example.