What Are Some Tips for Decorating an Office Cubicle for Christmas?

What Are Some Tips for Decorating an Office Cubicle for Christmas?

To make an office cubicle more festive at Christmas, stationery supplies such as paper, pushpins, staples and padded envelopes can be re-purposed to create decorations like baubles, stockings and stars. Traditional or shop-bought decorations, including tinsel, are also good for the finishing touches.

Many offices have competitions, in which employees will come up with their own theme. One idea is an eco-friendly theme, for which plants can be arranged and accumulated soft drinks cans stacked to form a recycled Christmas tree.

For more of a generally festive feel, a simple desktop Christmas tree can be made by cutting two tree shapes from a green heavyweight file folder and slotting them together. To make it especially decorative, it can then be dotted with "baubles" of multicolored pushpins.

As an office-themed play on the traditional clove-studded orange, apples can be decorated with colored pushpins and suspended from the ceiling. Oranges make equally attractive pendants, wrapped with alternately colored rubber bands in a festive plaid pattern.

The bubble-wrap interior of a padded envelope gives office stockings a quilted feel, especially fringed with a paper hem snipped along the edges.

Looking around at everyday office supplies can help to come up with fresh ideas. For instance, the cone-shaped paper cups at the water cooler can be stapled together to make a three-dimensional hanging star.