What Are Some Tips for Decorating Christmas Trees With Wired Ribbons?

To decorate a Christmas tree with wired ribbon, choose the desired ribbon pattern and colors, use a width that works with the size of the tree, and purchase more than enough ribbon. Use either the cascading, horizontal or clusters styles. The former drapes down from the top while the second drapes around the tree in a horizontal and circular fashion. In the cluster style, ribbons are placed strategically around the tree.

Select the desired style, pattern and colors of the ribbons, which can range from solid colors and metallic shades to striped and mesh varieties. You can even opt for more than one type of ribbon. For instance, layer silver mesh wired ribbon over beige wired ribbon and bundle them together with gold and white striped wired ribbon. Next, purchase the proper ribbon width depending on the size of the tree from 5-inch ribbon for tall trees to 2-inch ribbon for smaller trees. Purchase at least 30 yards of ribbon per tree.

After deciding on a style, add the ribbon after you've strung the lights but before you place the ornaments. After placing the ribbon, wait several hours before looking at the tree and deciding if anything needs to be rearranged.