What Are Some Tips for Creating Your Own Happy Birthday Cards?


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To create your own happy birthday cards, first, think about the recipient of your card and what sort of things she enjoys to help you choose the theme. Then decide on the technique based on your skill level and available supplies. Finish the card with a funny or thoughtful personalized message.

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What Are Some Tips for Creating Your Own Happy Birthday Cards?
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Popular themes to use for birthday cards include flowers, balloons, cakes, animals, cartoon characters, princesses and cars. Try to come up with something unique related to the recipient or your relationship with the recipient.

To make the basic card, you need white or colored card stock. You can either use it as a one-page card or bend it in half. An easy way to create a card it to use cut-outs of various colored and patterned papers and glue them on the card. You can also cut out a window on the front page or cut into the folded middle part to create a pop-up effect. To be more creative use things like bits of cloths, old photographs, pressed flowers, little seashells or glitter to embellish your card with.

Another way is to paint the card using watercolors or acrylics or draw on it with colored pencils or Sharpies. You can also use stamps, either bought ones or ones created at home from potatoes. If you are using an envelope, be sure to decorate it in the same style as the card. For your message, use neatly handwritten or cut-out glued-on letters.

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