Tips for Buying Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

tips-buying-bridesmaid-proposal-gifts Credit: Pixabay
After a future bride receives a proposal, she needs to do some proposing herself. She has to ask her bridesmaids to take part in her big day.

The process of selecting the bridesmaids for a wedding can be a fun one. Here are some interesting ways to let friends know that their presence in the wedding party is desired.

A Painted Coffee Cup
Which bridesmaid does not love a piping hot cup of coffee? Ask a bestie if she wants to be a bridesmaid with a customized painted coffee cup. Keep the design simple. Paint pink roses or her favorite scene as a backdrop on the cup then add her name and the wedding date in calligraphy. This will be a gift that she can use well after the wedding.

Custom Cupcake Jars
If a prospective bridesmaid has a sweet tooth, surprise her with a customized cupcake jar. These tasty cupcakes are encased in small Mason jars with monogrammed labels. Cupcake flavors are aesthetically layered inside the jars, making them decorative treats. Surprise her with two to three jars. Spruce them up by packing them with colorful tissues in a box and top this off with a shiny bow.

Gift Her with an Initial Necklace
Prospective brides are not the only ones who love jewelry. Prospective bridesmaids love jewelry too. Why not surprise a friend with a necklace that bears her first initial? Place it in a box with a small card that asks her if she will be a bridesmaid. She will wear this necklace after the wedding and use it to remember the occasion.

Customized Photo Frame
Ask a friend if she will be a bridesmaid with a customized painted frame. Choose a frame made of wood or ceramic. Engrave the prospective bridesmaid’s name on the frame and leave it empty so that she can add the wedding photo there as a treasured memento.

Puzzle That Spells Out the Question
Give a prospective bridesmaid a puzzle that when fixed spells out “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Package this puzzle creatively in a decorative bag and be sure to put the bridesmaid's name prominently on the bag. Decorate the bag with beads or feathers in her favorite colors.

"Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Gift Box
Provide a prospective bridesmaid with a gift box engraved with her name. Inside the box, add all of her favorite things. Decorate the gift box with her favorite colors, add a silk scarf then flowers for decoration. Make sure that the box is sturdy so that she could reuse it after the wedding.

Gold-gilded Temporary Tattoos
Invite all prospective bridesmaids to a party or girl’s night out. Provide light refreshments then take turns inscribing prospective bridesmaids with gold metallic tattoos of their respective names. Apply the tattoos before the night on the town. It will add a communal feeling for all of the bridesmaids and bride.

The preceding list shows that a little creativity goes a long way when it comes to bridesmaids gifts. These gifts are not only fun, they are fun to make. It’s the thought that counts when asking someone to be a bridesmaid. Each gift requires forethought, which makes prospective bridesmaids feel appreciated.