What are some tips for a beehive pinata?


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One tip for making a beehive pi��ata is to make sure that a large balloon is used to create the mold for the structure. The balloon should be at least 24 inches wide when inflated. Another good tip is to use a large bucket to hold the balloon in place while covering its surface with papier-m��ch��. This ensures that it stays in place during the process.

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When attaching the papier-m��ch�� strips to the balloon, leave an opening that is at least 4 inches wide at the narrow end of the structure. The opening must be wide enough to insert candy and any other treats inside the pi��ata once it is complete.

Make sure that each layer of papier-m��ch�� strips has dried completely before popping the balloon inside the structure. This pi��ata requires three separate layers of papier-m��ch��, and each layer requires approximately 6 hours of drying time. After the structure has dried completely, pop the balloon with a pin and tip the pi��ata over to allow the balloon to fall out on its own. Do not try to reach inside the pi��ata to retrieve the popped balloon. Finally, use a utility knife to make cutting the holes for the pi��ata hanger easier.

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