What Are Some Tips for Applying Halloween Makeup?


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Tips for applying Halloween makeup are to include color highlights over a base color in order to give the face dimension and to use a base layer of makeup so that additional layers apply smoothly. To give the appearance of blood, mix corn syrup, water and red food coloring for a non-toxic, low-cost red makeup.

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To make the face darker with Halloween makeup, it is important to remember to add color variation and shading in order to make the altered appearance believable. It is also critical to use powder so that the makeup stays in place for the entire night. Regular foundation is suitable for use with Halloween makeup.

An artist's tip for Halloween makeup is to outline the entire face design before painting it on. This allows the artist to correct mistakes or make adjustments to the design as needed before he applies a great deal of makeup. Eyeliner is one outlining tool that resists smudges.

When creating the appearance of blood, using chocolate syrup in the recipe makes the blood appear darker or drier compared to using red food coloring alone. It is important to keep in mind that red food coloring may permanently stain clothes. If the blood appears too thin, add flour to thicken the recipe. In addition to makeup powder for a protective finish, baby powder also provides a matte finish that locks in makeup designs. For a convincing look, be sure to decorate the neck and arms in addition to the face.

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