What Times Does Florida Allow Trick or Treating?

times-florida-allow-trick-treating Credit: USAG- Humphreys/CC-BY 2.0

As of 2015, there is no state-wide regulation of trick-or-treating in Florida, but some communities, cities and neighborhoods have local restrictions. City authorities, residents' associations or other community organizations publish these before Hallowe'en. TrickorTreatTimes.com publishes the times set in some Florida towns.

Local restrictions focus on the times kids may approach houses for treats, but they also cover other situations. Some towns ban youngsters over the age of 12 from participating in the ritual, for example. Others restrict the areas that trick-or-treaters can visit. Malls and theme parks also have specified times for trick-or-treating, usually in two- or three-hour slots, as well as promoting other Hallowe'en events.