How Is a Tiki Torch Wick Made?

Tiki torch wicks can be easily made by braiding cotton gauze strips together and knotting them. Over time, purchasing these wicks can become costly, and, by following these easy steps, homeowners can avoid this expense.

To make Tiki torch wicks, one will need:

  • Cotton gauze (about 6 inches long, depending on the desired length of the wick)
  • Scissors


  1. First, cut the gauze into three lengthwise strips.
  2. Next, gather the strips at the top and tie a knot to keep them together.
  3. Now, tightly braid the strips all the way down to the bottom and tie another knot.

A Tiki torch, often made of bamboo, is a popular party decoration based on lighting found in Polynesian culture. It's usually a wick positioned in a reservoir mounted on top of a length of bamboo stuck into the ground. Make sure to never leave a Tiki torch unattended when lit.