How Do You Tie Holiday Bows?


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Tie a holiday bow by taking a length of ribbon, making two loops in the middle with the ends facing downward and crossing the loops over each other. Bring the left loop behind and over the right loop, threading it between the gap between it and the right loop. Pull the loops tight, and attach the bow to a gift or use it for holiday decorations.

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To tie a rosette holiday bow, cut 45 inches of narrow ribbon, and wrap it around the fingers of one hand 10 times. Remove your hand, and pinch the middle together. Carefully cut notches on either side of the ribbon in the center, and secure it with a piece of string. Finish by pulling the ribbon loops out and shaping them into a pom-pom.

Make a layered bow by cutting ribbon into four different lengths. The lengths can vary as long as each is 2 inches longer or shorter than the other pieces. Place a piece of double-sided tape in the middle of the pieces of ribbon, fold each end to the middle and press them to the tape. Roll the shortest piece into a circle, and tape the two ends together.

Place the ribbon pieces in order of size, sticking them together with tape. Tape the bottom loop to a single, longer piece of ribbon with the ends notched.

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