How Do You Tie a Gift Bow?

How Do You Tie a Gift Bow?

To tie a rosette-style gift bow, which makes a round bow on top of the gift, wrap the ribbon around your hand several times. Tie the ribbon together in the center, and spread out the bow.

  1. Wrap the ribbon around your hand

    Using your hand to measure, wrap the ribbon around your hand, laying each new loop on top of the old one. How many times you wrap it is up to you, but 10 should be the upper limit. When you're done, you should have one loop with many layers.

  2. Cut a place to tie the bow together

    Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise. At the center of the loop, make small cuts towards the middle on either side of the ribbon loop as if you are trying to cut the ribbon in half lengthwise, but don't go all the way through.

  3. Tie the ribbon with wire

    Using the small cuts as a guide, tie the ribbon loop together with thin wire.

  4. Fluff the bow

    On each side of the wire, fan out the extra loops in the ribbon to form the bow. Fluff the bow until it is presentable. Add extra ribbons at the bottom if desired. Attach to the package with tape.