How Do You Throw a Tea Party for a Child's Birthday?

How Do You Throw a Tea Party for a Child's Birthday?

How Do You Throw a Tea Party for a Child's Birthday?

To throw a tea party for a child's birthday, make sure everything follows your theme. Tea parties can be fancy, such as a high tea, or silly as in a Mad Hatter approach. Your invitations, decorations and thank you cards should all reflect your theme.

  1. Make invitations

    Purchase or print birthday invitations with a pretty font when planning a fancy tea party. Place each mailed invitation inside a folded doily before putting it in the envelope. If you are handing out the invitations, roll each inside a doily and tie it with ribbon. Use a more whimsical invitation design with hats or mixed dishes when planning a Mad Hatter-style tea party. Ask the guests to dress either fancy or silly, depending upon your theme.

  2. Decorate for a fancy party

    Purchase or make fancy garlands. String bows, or pompoms and lace on a long ribbon, then hang it over the table. Find printable alphabet flags online and customize the garland for your child. Use cute hair clips to fasten the flags to the garland. Decorate with a lace or flounced tablecloth. Place fancy tea cups and saucers around the table with the birthday cake in the middle. Put fancy little cakes or cookies on elevated stands around the table. Tie a large netting bow on each chair.

  3. Decorate for a Mad Hatter party

    Place funny, mismatched dishes and cups around the table. Make lopsided cupcakes or cookies to place on stands around the table. Put a funny hat at each place setting. Use the alphabet flags with shredded and torn ribbons and pompoms for a silly garland.

  4. Have the guests decorate porcelain cups

    Purchase inexpensive porcelain tea cups from a discount or dollar store. Have the children decorate them with porcelain pens for a cute take-home craft.