How Do You Throw a Superhero Birthday Party?

throw-superhero-birthday-party Credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

To throw a superhero birthday party, send out invitations, decorate the party space with balloons and figurines, and facilitate superhero games and activities. Throwing a superhero party takes about three hours in preparation time and two hours of party time. It requires invitations, cake, various decorations and superhero party supplies.

  1. Invite the guests

    Make superhero party invitations by taking a picture of your child dressed in a superhero costume. Glue prints of this picture to red and blue card stock, and write the party information below the picture. For personalized invitations, create a simple superhero logo with each guest's initial, and have your child color the logos on the invitations.

  2. Decorate with superheroes

    Choose decorating colors that reflect your child's favorite superhero. Line the middle of the table with various superhero and villain figurines. Tie balloons to each figurine. Hang streamers of the same colors around the party space. Attach a cape to the chair of your child. Superhero cups, plates and napkins can be purchased from a party supply store.

  3. Facilitate superhero activities

    Lead the kids in traditional games with a superhero twist. Instead of hide-and-seek, paint rocks fluorescent yellow, and hide them in the back yard. Have the kids look for "kryptonite" to save Superman. Instead of a traditional bean bag toss, gather pictures of various villains, and have the kids toss bean bags on top of the villains.