How Do You Throw a Pirate Birthday Party for Children?


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Throw a pirate-themed birthday party by organizing party games and activities that have a pirate theme. Plan a selection of foods that children enjoy and that also fit the theme of the party, and decorate the party venue with pirate-related decorations. Create invitations that convey what the theme of the party is, and instruct guests to come dressed as pirates, or have pirate costume accessories available at the party for children to use to dress up.

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Digging for treasure, hunting for treasure with a map, building pirate ships and sword fighting are all appropriately themed activities for a pirate party. Alter regular party games, such as races and relays, to have a pirate theme. For example, instead of a regular relay race, create a pirate relay race by having children split into teams and race to collect as much treasure as possible from a chest. Craft activities such as designing a pirate flag or eye patch would also work with this theme.

Serve foods that match the theme, such as pizza made to look like a treasure map, chocolate coins and bottles of soda covered with skull and cross bone stickers. Decorate cupcakes to look like pirate flags or treasure chests, and make or buy a birthday cake designed to look like a pirate ship.

Decorations for a pirate party include stuffed parrots, a plank made of a board for the children to walk, pirate flags and treasure chests filled with fake coins.

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