How Do I Throw an Ornament Exchange Party?

throw-ornament-exchange-party Credit: peddihapati/CC-BY 2.0

Gather guests who each bring a wrapped ornament. Exchange the ornaments with a fun game. Serve fun food appropriate for the season. Enjoy time together as new or old friends.

  1. Invite guests

    Printed invitations detailing the time and place are ideal. Explain that each guest is expected to bring a wrapped ornament, typically within a price range suitable for all the invitees. A theme may be suggested. As host, purchase a small number of extra ornaments to prevent embarrassment if one guest forgets or an ornament is damaged during the party.

  2. Decide on a gift exchange game

    There are countless types of games for gift exchange parties. Choose one that helps the guests be comfortable and enjoy being together. Prepare all the necessary supplies for the game in advance.

  3. Collect the wrapped ornaments as guests arrive

    Some gift exchange games work better if no one knows who brought which present. Also, this process helps ensure there is a gift for each guest at the party. If the gifts need to be numbered or arranged in a particular way for the game, this is the ideal time to take care of that.

  4. Encourage mingling before, during and after the exchange

    No matter which method of exchange is used, ensure that everyone is having fun and feels included. Again, make certain that everyone has a gift at the end of the exchange.

  5. Serve food and enjoy the company

    Most people love to mingle as they snack on finger foods or desserts. Serve food appropriate for the occasion. Keep in mind food allergies, special diets or religious views of your guests. Ensure each guest is able to eat at least one item served and preferably more.