How Do You Throw a Moustache Party?

How Do You Throw a Moustache Party?

Mustache parties--or a mustache bash--are one of the trendiest parties for little boys and grown men. From first birthday bashes to celebrating Prostate Awareness Month in November, little details make mustache bashes fun and easy. A few supplies, a template and a creative cook set the stage for this type of party.

  1. Gather supplies

    Mustache-shaped cookie cutters and stamps, ink, straws, construction paper, fabric and balloons can be used for mustache parties. Visit craft stores or check out online retailers for anything mustached. Decor, favors and party supplies can be hand-crafted at home or purchased to save time.

  2. Print a template

    Purchase or design a mustache template. Various sizes are helpful in creating decorations, invitations and favors. Use the template to trace mustaches for photo booths, balloon decorations, labels for food and drinks and pin-the-mustache party games.

  3. Cook up a storm

    Use templates to trace a mustache on a baked cake, then decorate for the ultimate party centerpiece. Mustache cookies are quick and easy thanks to cookie cutters. Those same cookie cutters make cute mustache sandwiches as well. Mustache candies are available online, but a crafty cook can mold them in the kitchen at home. Use liquorice to decorate, or feature it as a mustache cake topper. Don't forget milk as the ultimate mustache at any mustache bash.