How Do You Throw a House Party?

How Do You Throw a House Party?

Throw a house party by inviting people, planning food, arranging activities and being a gracious host. The type of party determines the formality of the event, from the invitations to the food, but good house parties have the same basics.

Include all the pertinent information on the invitation; date, time, address, attire and RSVP information are all crucial. Give guests ample time to get the party in their calendars.

A house party may include themed dishes, appetizers and cocktails or coffee and desserts. Provide enough food for each guest, and add a little extra to be sure nothing runs out. A fully stocked bar is an option, as is just a red wine, white wine and non-alcoholic options.

Consider having a food tasting and letting guests vote on their favorite dish. Play music that flows with the timeline of the party. Upbeat music is great for mingling, quiet music works well for dinner and a good dance mix can excite guests after the meal. Come up with a few simple icebreaker games for guests who don't know each other.

For a successful party, no matter what happens, be a gracious host. Always be considerate of the guests' needs. Be prepared, even it if means having a backup dessert or starting to cook much earlier than anticipated. Stock the bathroom with all the essentials. Make each guest feel welcome and at home, and thank each warmly at the party's end.