What Are Some Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pen Gift Set?


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When choosing a pen set as a gift, consider the recipient's hand size, dominant hand and pen type preference along with the pen's attractiveness and price. Fountain pens, for example, require little force and tire the hand less while making a more expensive and less disposable gift.

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The pen set recipient may find it easier to write with a pen of a size and thickness that corresponds to the recipient's hand size. People who are left handed also generally prefer pens with fast drying ink, such as ballpoint pens and roller ball tip pens.

People with smaller or weaker hands may prefer writing with fountain pens so that they would not have to press hard on the paper. Fountain pens are more difficult to maintain and refill, but they may help improve penmanship.

Buying pen sets from physical stores helps the giver to test the pens first, to test for grip and ease of writing. This also helps reduce the likelihood of encountering counterfeit pens. The giver may consider bringing the recipient along to test and choose the gift, especially for more expensive pen sets.

Ballpoint and roller ball pens have the same tip type, which is usually more sturdy than fountain pen nibs. Ballpoints contain thicker ink that typically dries more quickly than roller ball pen ink, but is also messier. Fountain pens often come in sets with ballpoint pens or ink, while ballpoint pen sets may include mechanical pencils.

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