What Are Some Things to Consider When Ordering Outdoor Memorial Plaques?


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Considerations when ordering an outdoor memorial marker include the materials of which it is made and the size. Many outdoor memorial markers are bronze. However, bronze requires regular maintenance to maintain its beauty for many years. Slightly acidic rain causes it to tarnish and corrode, so that without polishing it becomes an eyesore.

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Many engraving companies also offer plaques of glass or acrylic. However, these materials are not practical for outdoor use. They are too easy to break. Stone, such as granite or marble, offers a more permanent solution that does not tarnish.

The location where the survivor chooses to have the memorial marker installed may have regulations concerning the appropriate size. Many memorial marker makers work closely with cemeteries in their area and are aware of their regulations regarding the markers, but buyers should check with the cemetery before placing an order. Some cemeteries require that memorial markers remain flat on the ground for easy mowing. Generally, markers for graves can be larger than those for cremated remains.

While the marker should provide a permanent memorial for a loved one, damage does sometimes occur. Many homeowner's insurance companies now offer insurance that extends to memorial plaques. The carrier adds the coverage for the memorial as a rider on their homeowner's policy.

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