What Are Some Things to Do on Your 20th Birthday?

To celebrate a 20th birthday, individuals could plan a birthday party at a residence, complete with a memory board and collages on display documenting two decades of life. Hosting a party at a park or community center with outdoor games that the birthday celebrant has chosen or enjoys, such as tennis, horseshoes or soccer, is another idea for a celebration. A day at the salon or spa is also a pampering way to celebrate.

Planned day trips also offer an exciting celebration for birthday celebrants. Examples include a special dinner at a favorite restaurant with family and friends, a visit to a local museum, a movie marathon at a theater or a friend's residence, or a jaunt through the local zoo.

For the outdoorsy and athletic 20-year old, take in a professional baseball, football or hockey game; launch an impromptu competitive game with friends at a local soccer or baseball field; or watch a professional boxing match at a pub or restaurant. Physical activities such as rock climbing, yoga classes, kickboxing competitions and running competitions may also appeal to the athletic birthday celebrant. For the humanitarian, sign up to help build a home, volunteer at an animal shelter or read to residents in a nursing home to give back on the special day.