What Are Some Things to Do on Your 12th Birthday?

Some ideas for things to do on a 12th birthday include having friends over for a party or sleepover, celebrating at a fun local destination or going to see a new movie. The most important thing is that the birthday child enjoys herself.

There are many options for celebrating a 12th birthday party. Hosting a gathering at home can be a great way to create a personalized event and is often one of the most inexpensive party options. Parents, siblings and friends can decorate the house following a theme or using favorite colors. The birthday child's favorite meal can be served and guests can be entertained with activities and games.

Lots of places rent out space for kids' birthday parties, and usually charge according to the number of guests. Some examples are arcades, zoos and wild animal parks, museums and roller rinks. If the party takes place during warm weather it can be held at a community park, outdoor pool or water park, skate park or open air theme park. Cold weather birthdays can be celebrated at a ski resort, an ice rink or by going sledding on a neighborhood hill. A simpler birthday outing could include a nice dinner with family, followed by a special dessert.