What Are Some Themed Baby Shower Games?


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Themed baby shower games include a baby sock-pairing race for a baby clothing theme, a tasting competition for a baby food theme and a musical guessing game for a lullaby theme. Baby showers can have whatever theme the hosts desire, although generally people choose themes that have some connection to babies. Games and activities can be active, creative, educational and practical.

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An example of a practical choice of theme is the perennial parenting issue of finance. Rather than having guests simply donate money, however, the giving of donations can be turned into a game, requiring that guests pay a small forfeit for cussing, talking about non-baby topics or addressing each other by anything other than "mommy" or "daddy."

Another popular way to theme a baby shower is to center it on baby names. Brainstorming names can be turned into a game by having each guest write down all the baby names they can think of beginning with a given letter and within a given time. The person who comes up with the most names can be crowned the winner, but everybody's list will go towards helping the parents-to-be decide on the perfect name. For the same theme, hosts could devise a quiz to test their guests' knowledge of famous baby names, such as that of the youngest Simpson or the baby from "Family Guy."

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