What Is the Theme of a 40th Wedding Anniversary?

The theme for the 40th wedding anniversary is ruby. The 40th wedding anniversary is also one of the few wedding anniversaries where the traditional and modern celebration themes in the U.S. and U.K. are the same.

Since the theme of the 40th wedding anniversary is ruby, gift ideas and gift materials should ideally be related to ruby and its color, which is bright red. A gift for a marriage partner can be as simple as a red shirt, or the giver can splurge and surprise his or her partner with a piece of jewelry that is embedded with ruby or is made out of rose gold. Garnet is also another modern option for jewelry stones aside from ruby.

Jewelry gifts for a marriage partner on a 40th wedding anniversary can be a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or even a pair cuff links that are red. Apart from jewelry and clothing, paintings or tapestries that are predominantly red, glass figurines or sculptures also make fine wedding anniversary gifts.

If one is giving a gift for a couple who are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, a bouquet of 40 red roses or other ruby-colored bloom will fit well into the ruby theme. A well-wisher can also give art glass, crystal home decor and personalized gift items, which may or may not be related to ruby.