What Are Thanksgiving Messages?

Thanksgiving messages are expressions of gratitude towards people or spiritual guides for their work, help or place in a person or group of people's lives. These messages are expressed in forms of greeting cards, physical contact, voice messages, speeches, public displays, gifts, mementos or money or privately in prayer or written journals.

According to Bible.org, "Expressing thankfulness is the opposite of selfishness." Some individuals feel that the good things that have happened to them are because they deserve them. This act of selfishness shuns the efforts of others because they chose to commit the act of kindness, but did not have to do so. Expressing selfishness by acting as if good things are deserving hinders humanity instead of helping it.

A common thanksgiving message is the pay-it-forward movement. This movement involves one person committing an act of kindness by randomly doing something like paying for a stranger's meal. Once the stranger finds out that his meal has been paid for by someone else, he then pays it forward and expresses thanks by committing an act of kindness to another stranger he encounters. The cycle continues indefinitely. The movement is defined as a cyclical act of thanksgiving and kindness with the purpose of social responsibility and improving humanity.