When Are Thank You Gifts Appropriate?


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According to “5 Rules of Thumb for Giving Thank You Gifts,” this kind of gift should only be given for service above and beyond that which is required to complete a job. Further, especially for thank you gifts given in business, it is important to know regulations about kinds and cash values of gifts that a recipient is allowed to accept.

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When Are Thank You Gifts Appropriate?
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In the main, the giving of thank you gifts is up to the person or group who has received services. In business, smart event planners and contractors, for example, research what kinds of gifts are allowed well in advance and budget appropriately. Special kinds of thank you gifts are also appropriate for retirements, good revenue quarters and so on. However, thank you gifts are not pro forma, not even at private events planned by close personal friends.

Appropriate times for giving thank you gifts include at the successful conclusion of an event, at a business debriefing or meeting after an event or at a special meeting to thank event participants and planners. To practice due diligence in giving during business dealings, try whenever possible to present thank you gifts in public. If an organizer feels obligated to give more personal thank you gifts, he should do so in private.

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