What Are Some Tests for Spiritual Gifts?

What Are Some Tests for Spiritual Gifts?

SpriritualGiftsTest.com, the United Methodist Church and the Rock Church each have a free online spiritual gifts test or assessment. The tests contain both close- and open-ended questions that help gauge spiritual talents and a member's purpose in the church.

Each spiritual gifts test varies in its specific questions, but questions about tithing, compassion, delegating responsibility, sharing the Bible and the importance of staying positive are fairly common.

SpiritualGiftsTest.com has two tests, one for adults and one for youths in junior high and high school. There are four categories of gifts, including those for serving, establishing foundations, making revelations and manifesting miracles.

The United Methodist Church's spiritual gifts assessment consists of 21 multiple choice questions. The assessment helps the church and test-takers determine if they possess one or several of a broad spectrum of gifts. The spectrum of gifts encompasses administration, apostleship, prophecy, shepherding and tongues.

The Rock Church in San Diego, California, employs its spiritual gifts test as much for its own sake as for individuals who take the test. The test helps to determine if someone has the gifts of a teacher, encourager, leader or giver. The test contains 42 multiple choice questions, and the church saves all test results in its database to use at a later date if necessary. A PDF version is available in addition to the online version. The church mails or emails test results.